Jaguars vs. Falcons in Epic International Clash: Live NFL Week 4 London Game Tracker – Don’t Miss the Action!


After a breakout season in 2022, the Jacksonville Jaguars are still striving this year for success. Jacksonville started the season strongly, winning the Indianapolis Colts by 31 points in their first week. Nevertheless, their drive has slowed since then, leading to repeated losses.

Homemade meals may help the Jags get back on track. Technically, they are not the London Jaguars, but the team has a lot of experience playing in Europe. The team will play in London for the tenth time this week. Maybe that’s all they need to return.

The Atlanta Falcons, on the other hand, should present a formidable challenge. The Falcons’ running game is among the best in the NFL, led by newcomers Bijan Robinson and Taylor Algeier, as well as an impressive offensive line. Robinson has already dazzled NFL fans across the country, and now he has a chance to show off his skills worldwide.

In the third quarter, the Falcons showed signs of life. Atlanta was on the verge of letting the game slip away before their first drive. Bijan Robinson broke loose for a 38-yard run, and six plays later, Desmond Rider found Drake London for a crucial touchdown, giving the Jaguars a lead of 17–7.

The Jaguars’ defense makes a devastating pick-six and adds another INT. On the next drive, Desmond Rider was playing well for the Falcons. He tried to cut into Jacksonville’s lead, but second-year cornerback Kyubi intercepted Darius Williams and lobbed a pass from 61 yards away, giving the Jaguars a 17-0 lead.

Rider made another bad decision on the subsequent drive, which Andre Cisco intercepted and put the Jaguars’ offense in prime position. Atlanta’s defence kept Jacksonville under control, resulting in a turnover in the red zone.

Bijan Robinson is a human highlight reel.

The number eight overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft is proving to be a remarkable talent, demonstrating his abilities with both his feet and hands.

First, he sent linebacker Chad Muma packing to the US, then he made his presence known as a daytime catch with a full-extension one-handed catch. 

Wide receiver Kelvin Ridley started the scoring with a 30-yard TD catch on a beautiful throw from quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Ridley snatched the ball out of the air in heavy coverage.

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